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 Professor Flavio Da Silva

Professor Flavio Da Silva

Become part of our extended family under the tutelage of Professor Flavio Da Silva. Through Jiu-Jitsu you will experience a supportive community as you pursue your goals.


Kid's classes are offered five times a week at three different locations and cover all skill levels.

Adult classes are offered at four different locations all throughout the week with open mat on Saturdays.

Class Fees


Chlidren's fees are $50 USD per month and are due at the beginning of the month. Cash payment can be made in person at the practice session. Please see Yoko-san!


Adult tuition is $80 USD per month and is due at the beginning of the month. Cash payment can be made in person at training. Please see Yoko-san!

4 Locations


Click on the site nearest you.

Each training site has more information on the days and times classes are offered. The embedded map can also be shared or accessed in your Google Maps app for navigation, if needed.

Kid's Classes - 3 Locations

  • WKO Dojo - Thurs 1730 & Sat 1200

  • Kinser - Tues/Thurs 1830

  • Ginowan Community Center - Weds 1800

Adult's Classes - 4 Locations

  • WKO Dojo - Mon/Thurs 1900

  • WKO Dojo - Sat - 1330 (Open Mat)

  • Kinser - Tues/Thurs 1930

  • Ginowan Community Center - Weds 1930

  • Hansen North - Mon/Wed 1700


Nio Guardians

In Japan, the Nio guardian figures are named Misshaku Kongo 密遮金剛 (aka Agyo 阿形) and Naraen Kongo 那羅延金剛 (aka Ungyo 吽形). They represent the use of overt power and latent power, respectively. Naraen is also called Narayana (Sanskrit). Conceived as a pair, the Nio complement each other. Misshaku represents overt power, baring his teeth and raising his fist in action, while Naraen represents latent might, holding his mouth tightly closed and waiting with both arms tensed but lowered. Dating as far back as the 7th century, the Nio are prominently displayed in our dojo to ward off evil spirits and keep the temple grounds free of demons and thieves. There are rumors that when all have left the dojo, Misshaku & Naraen conduct their own sparring sessions.



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